2D Game Design

Whether you’re looking for 2D platformer game, puzzle games, role-playing games, simulation games or a dressing up games our environment designers and character designers will help you achieve the attractive 2D games with their advanced skill set. 2D game illustration understands the game requirements initially and designs mock-ups for every screens. After the mockup approval, our graphics designers come into play for their real skills. They apply their game character design and 2D level design skills to help clients in 2D game creation. We design the 2D game environments for Unity and Cocos2dX gaming platforms.

We are a game design studio working since a DECADE and our world-wide clientele shows our presence in the gaming industry. Our designs appeal to audience and make them play the games for long. Stunning artwork and beautiful visuals are key when you are thinking to create creative and addictive games. To achieve the satisfaction of our clients, we offer iterations until they are satisfied with our work.